Stray Kitten Latches onto Man’s Shoulder and Won’t Let Go After She Snuck into His Shop

A little stray kitten snuck into a pizza shop and insisted on being adopted.

Dave Robinson

A few weeks ago, Dave Robinson from Australia had an unexpected visitor when a little stray kitten slid under the back gate of his yard and crept into his shop.

The kitten was determined to stay and wouldn’t take no for an answer. “I wasn’t planning on having a cat adopt me, and she was not prepared to go away,” Dave told Love Meow.

“She looked lost, frightened and nervous due to all the strange noises and smells.”

Dave Robinson

A few minutes after the little feline strolled in, she walked up to Dave and demanded attention and some much-needed TLC.

“I popped her up on my shoulder, and she felt at home right away. She started rubbing against my ears and the back of my neck and purring.” (Scroll down for video)

Dave Robinson

The calico immediately switched on her purr motor and seemed so thankful to be safe. She latched onto her human friend and wouldn’t let go.

Thinking the kitten might belong to someone, Dave politely asked her to come out of the shop with him, but the little one refused.

Dave Robinson

He went around the neighborhood, knocking on doors to see if anyone was missing a kitten, but no one came forward to claim her. It quickly dawned on him that the kitten didn’t have a home to go to.

Dave reached out to the internet and hoped to find her a good home, but the smart little calico had a plan of her own.

Dave Robinson

She plopped down on his lap and went right to sleep. “She has decided she is staying, and who could argue with that little face,” Dave said.

Watch the kitten in this cute video:

“Now she is employed full time in our newly created finger chewing and cuteness team.”

Over the next few days, the little calico (named Ratbag the Vandal) quickly blossomed. She had her first vet visit and was vaccinated and microchipped.

Dave Robinson

“The vet confirmed that she is not a feral kitten so she was abandoned.”

No more wandering the streets, the kitten now has a shoulder to perch on whenever she pleases, and a forever human to cling to every night at bedtime.

Dave Robinson

She has quickly filled the role as Dave’s purr-sonal supervisor, making sure everything is in feline order.

Whenever Dave is on the computer, the kitten comes over to offer some “help.”

Dave Robinson

As the boss of the house, she has her very own castle made of a mountain of pillows.

“I have a kitten obstacle course in a storeroom that she enjoys. She loves playing with dog toys, and sleeps either next to me as a furry hot water bottle or on a pillow beside or behind my head.”

Dave Robinson

Dave never expected to be chosen by a little kitten who strayed her way into his shop.

“She’s the staunchest, toughest kitten on the block!”

Dave Robinson

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