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Frequently Asked Questions for Frontline Top Spot for Cats

Parasites can never part their ways from pets. They are always there to lend a host of fatal health problems to the cats or dogs. Well, if you have a cat and you really want to keep your ball of fur protected from pesky parasites then Frontline Top Spot for cats is the right pick. Frontline has been in the list most trustworthy flea and tick treatment. And here’s all you need to know about Frontline’s one of the most preferred flea and tick treatment called Frontline Top Spot for cats.

Q1. What
is Frontline Top Spot for Cats?

A1. Manufactured by
Merial/Boehringer Ingelheim, Frontline Top Spot is an excellent topical
treatment for cats. This effective spot-on assists in the removal of external
parasites like fleas, ticks, and chewing lice. It effectively eliminates almost
all existing fleas and ticks.

Q2. What
ingredients is it made up of?

A2. Frontline Top Spot is made
up of an active ingredient called Fipronil.

Q3. How
does it work?

A3. Frontline top spot for cats contains an active ingredient Fipronil, which attacks the central nervous system of the fleas, thereby killing them with the insecticidal property before they can bite the cat. The active ingredient thoroughly destroys the life cycle of fleas, ticks, and chewing lice.

Q4. How
long does it take for Frontline Top Spot to kill fleas and ticks?

A4. It eliminates almost all existing fleas and ticks within 24 hours from its application.

Q5. How
should I administer Frontline Top Spot to my cat?

Frontline Top Spot is a solution that you need to apply on your cat’s body. To
be precise, you need to part the fur
at the base of the skull in such a way that the skin is visible and gently
squeeze the applicator, applying the entire contents in a single place on the
cat’s skin.

Q6. Is
Frontline Top Spot water resilient?

A6. Yes, the powerful treatment
is waterproof within approximately 24 hours after applying it; your pet can
swim or can come in contact with water yet have 100% protection from fleas and

Q7. Does
Frontline Top Spot kill any other parasites other than fleas and ticks?

This effective solution assists in the removal of external parasites like
fleas, ticks, and chewing lice as well as Flea Allergy Dermatitis.

Q8. Is
Frontline Spot-On safe for kittens?

A8. Frontline Top Spot is
highly safe to use on all breeds of cats and kittens. However, it is strictly
not recommended to apply Frontline Top Spot on kittens below 8 weeks of age.

What if I miss giving Frontline Top Spot dose to my kitty?

A9. If you miss administering
Frontline Top Spot on your cat, then give it to your cat as soon as you
remember. Ensure not to double-dose your pet.

Q10. What
to do if a cat has mistakenly overdosed with Frontline Top Spot?

A10. Immediately rush your pet
to the vet if your cat has mistakenly overdosed with Frontline Top Spot. You
can try or induce vomiting your pet, if the vet isn’t available.

What do other pet-parents have to say about Frontline Top Spot?

A11. Just like you, many other
pet parents may want to know what other pet parents have to say about Frontline
Top Spot for cats. Therefore, here are the top reviews related to Frontline Top
Spot for cats.


And Ticks

Can’t find any fleas and ticks anymore after
started using this product



was using other brands, but recently it wasn’t working on my kitty. Changed to this and it seems good.



This monthly treatment is the best as it
covers up to one full month and I don’t have to worry about fleas any more on


Works Way Better Than Other Products

This product has worked
well so far. My cat barely notices when I put it on her. I am grateful to have
it found for such a good price on this site.


Excellent Product

have three dogs and all of them mostly spend their time outdoors. Frontline top
spot works as an excellent protection from fleas

From where can I buy Frontline Top Spot?

A12. You can purchase Frontline Top Spot for cats from PetCareSupplies at super affordable rates with the added benefit of FREE shipping.

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