Daily Dose Of Cute: Cat Meditation Is The Zen We Didn’t Know We Needed [VIDEO]

Have you ever tried meditating? How about meditating with cats? The video above is giving us plenty of adorable inner peace. Who better to give us calm, relaxing vibes than our kitties? Follow along with the video to bring yourself a moment of Zen today.

Cats relax us and can help us live longer lives by relieving stress. Take a few moments and mediate with cats! Once you’ve got it down from following the video above, try it with your own cat at home!

We all need some peace these days. Purrs and little mews can definitely help with that. And if you’ve already done your meditation for the day and want some other ways to relax with cats, check out the tips below!

(Picture Credit: filadendron/Getty Images)

Have you ever tried meditating with your cat? Do your kitty’s purrs help you relieve stress? Let us know in the comments below!

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